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Risk Assessment

The safety concerns facing CEO's and Executives continue to rise.

Most executives and business leaders are under-protected even though the value they bring to their companies are critical. Our objective is to ensure business continuity while providing security and peace of mind. During pre-crisis planning or in the face of a direct threat, we have a program that will best suit your needs and level of protection required. In today’s information age, protective security is no longer to those needing protective details. In today’s information age executives and wealthy individuals are targeted and exploited in high numbers.

Our intake risk assessment will identify weaknesses that an adversary could exploit. We provide a careful and methodical examination of what could cause uncertainty. This intake assessment provides a basis to determine the actions needed to avoid negative outcomes. We employ planning methods to enhance the opportunities to generate positive outcomes. The risk assessment reviews uncertainties creating a clear picture of the risks. The results of the risk assessment empower our clients to effectively manage their threats and achieve positive objectives.

When you retain our firm, you will submit to a confidential risk interview. This process allows us to conduct the assessment.

The results of the assessment are analyzed. These results become the basis for your customized subscription services.

All Subscription Services include:

  • Initial risk assessment and customized strategy
  • Cyber security review
  • Insurance policy review and assessment
  • Bi-weekly Monitoring of social sites
  • 24/7 contact for crisis advice
  • Discounted hours for physical security
  • Background checks
  • Research and Intel
  • Legal consultation (as needed)