business intel

Business Intel

Data Diligence

Information That Drives Business

  • Detailed Employees and Contact Screening – Know your connections and employee
  • Beyond Basic Background/Cyber Screening – Use the information age to your advantage
  • Social Media Review – Awareness of your image and those who represent you
  • Due Diligence – Know the real deal on your investment and business opportunities
  • Competitor Literacy – Understand your playing field and market conditions
  • Financial Transaction Insight - Clear decisions in business and financial transactions
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    Pre-Crisis/Media Planning

    Be Prepared

    Pre-Incident Planning and Management

  • Prior Preparation – Be aware of risks and plan for attack 
  • Plan to Win – Media strategy ahead of a crisis
  • Contingency Planning – Empower your staff 
  • Investigative Research – Insight for a counter attack 
  • Basic Legal - Consultation for crisis 
  • Strategic Advice

    Plan Development

    Connections that Provide Solutions

    • Business Development Introductions – Get connected with vetted intros
    • Market Literacy – Research to propel your projects